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February 28 2014


Cancelling Xbox Live Paid Membership

Xbox Live is a digital media service operated and created by Microsoft. It primarily delivers digital media and multiplayer gaming. Xbox Live was originally launched in November 2002. When it was launched, it was programmed for the original Xbox console. Now, updated versions have been released with Xbox 360 as well as Xbox One. Similar services are Sony PlayStation Network and Nintendo Network. Many users today take advantage of Xbox Live Code Generator downloaded from Xbox Code Hack to get free games.

There are two levels of service for Xbox Live: a free version and a paid subscription service. The main difference between the two is that with the free version, the gamer is not able to play multiplayer games online. With Xbox Live Free, there is still the option to download content and games from the Xbox Live Marketplace. The gamer will also have the option to chat, keep a friends list, and share achievements and gamer profiles. One disadvantage to Xbox Live Free is that you will not have access to watch streaming media through apps, like ESPN, Netflix, and Hulu Plus.

With an Xbox Live Gold account, gamers have the option of playing multiplayer games online with their Kinect or controllers. Subscribers can connect to friends to chat or play games. Gamers are able to instantly watch TV shows, HD movies, or other entertainment options. Using Kinect plus an Xbox Gold membership allows users to face-to-face chat with friends and family across the world. Xbox Gold members also have access to discounts on Live content in addition to early access to entertainment, games, movies, and game demos.

To sign up for Xbox Live Gold, subscribers must pay a fee. Xbox gives subscribers the option of paying per month, a few months at a time, or by year. However, if a subscriber would like to cancel a current subscription, this can be done in a few simple steps. First, sign into the Xbox Live website with your Microsoft account information. Once you have signed in, click My Account. Then click Subscriptions. Find the subscription service that you would like to cancel or change auto renewal. Select cancel automatic payment, and then click Continue. Services can also be cancelled by calling Xbox Live support or by visiting the “Contact Us” page.

Once this is completed, your account will automatically terminate at the end of the paid period. If you would like to cancel your account and service immediately, cancel Xbox support. Please note that you will lose access to the service for the reminder of your prepaid period.

Cancelling an Xbox Live Gold paid membership is an easy process that can be done in several ways. For many customers who are not using their account and do not consider it worthwhile to keep the service, this is very convenient. While customers may not be able to get a refund for a cancellation, they will be able to prevent any auto charge to their credit card or payment method. Because Xbox Live is so popular, this is a convenient option for all the paid Xbox Live Gold members to manage their account. 

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